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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    I'm wanting to build a Lamborghini Countach, I like the body style much better than that of the Gallardo and Diablo. Currently, this is not in my price range and I've enough needs that wants will be put off for a good while. I also don't have the time to be working on the projects as I'm working two jobs and heading back to school next semester. I've been interested in cars a while, but it's only been recently that I'm positively sure that this is what I want to do. I've no knowledge of the inner workings of one. This would also be a project for me to work on with my dad as he does have a good amount of knowledge with this sort of thing. I'm sure most of it came from a number of problems with his old MG.

    I'm looking for..
    Reliable places for parts - internet or physical location.
    Tips on frames.
    What other frames besides the fiero can I use? Someone on another site mentioned theirs wasn't built on a fiero frame, but prova? -
    And then

    And another thing is anyone located in Tenneesse ?
    And I stumbled upon

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    Re: Where to start?

    Welcome to the madness;

    As for parts and other items, a fellow on here screen name on wbnemo1 has a lot of information on parts and stuff as he has been accumulating an lot of great parts for his '89 25th Anniversary build.


    A lot of the Countachs were built with space frames rather than Fieros but also a lot of them were also built with Fiero frames.

    You have some options:
    • Chassisworks frame plans are available on his ebay store. $270 or there about. These plans can be shortened and changed up a bit on the upper cockpit framing to accommodate a Countach build
    • Inland Exotics has a combination Fiero tub space frame for a Murci that could also easily be shortened for a Countach

    If this is your first one, you are probably better off to do a Fiero combination of some sort as there is a lot of work to doing a frame over the Fiero frame cutting and reinforcing. The Lambo forums have some good build threads that show how to do the Fiero well. They would also have better input and info on the various frames available as well.

    As for kits, the only ones I really know about now are two:
    • Exotic Illusions has Countach kits still available
    • A fellow up in Toronto, Canada also has bodies and possibly frames for sale as well. He is over on the kitcentral site so you can look him up over there.

    Sites for info:
    • Not so much on here except for a couple guys as the Lambo guys are more into Murci's

    The two Lambo web sites are by far better than here as they concentrate on Lamborghini pretty much exclusively.

    Good luck and enjoy the experience.


    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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