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Thread: turbos for a bmw v12

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    turbos for a bmw v12

    question to all you turbo savvy mechanics. if i wanted to put twin turbo setup for v12 what would be a decent combonation, cheap wise like getting a couple of stock turbos out of another car. would it be better to a turbo ment for an 8 cyl. or two of them ment for 6 cyl.. i never was a turbo fan so i never learned a whole about them. whish i had now. :-[

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    Re: turbos for a bmw v12

    cheap always works out to cost more than doing it properly to start with
    youll always end up spending your money twice or three times over when the first lot is wrong or breaks and after all that youll still have problems.

    a turbo has what is called a A/R ratio, this needs to be matched to the amount of air you need (in cfm) to the performance gain you want versus the turbo effect,
    ie big bhp or big torque, manual or auto tranny, road conditions tarmac or gravel, transmission ratios and per gear per mile per hour per rpm requirements versus what you want to put it in.

    too many variables narrow it down spec out what you have or want and to do what.
    its not a question you can get a cheap answer to, nor one from somebody who hasnt a lot of genuine experiance in custom turbo set ups.

    my 2 cents
    good luck

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    Re: turbos for a bmw v12

    You can get a good start with learning here:

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: turbos for a bmw v12

    Run two Holset hx35's from the Dodge cummins trucks. Great spool characteristics and you can pick one up at just about any junkyard for a good price. These things are bullet proof. I run an Hx40 (slightly bigger version) on my track car at about 27lbs with really big injectors and it pulls like a beast.

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