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Thread: How do you paint a car?!

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    How do you paint a car?!

    Okay I have 2 cars I need to paint and probably alottt more in the future! And I have no clue where to even begin :-[

    I know how to prep the cars (sand, fix rust, etc) all I need to know is how to paint from step 1 to finish. So basically what supples to do I need (compressor: what kind should I get, gun: what kind is best?, etc) I also need to know what psi to set everything at, how many coats to do, should I do primer, what should I do between coats, should I clear coat, etc!

    I have my own warehouse that I will be painting inside of about 1600 sq ft.

    Here are the two cars I need to paint, I will NOT be painting any door jams, or anything other than outside of these cars, and both will be white. I also need to know how much paint to buy, and I am going to paint both entire cars.

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    hey phil
    been painting all my life, its a big leap to suddenly paint a complete car.
    i can do a quick video of how to but to be honest its all about experiance, and as for painting and not doing the door shuts, that is all about masking up, soft edgeing and back masking....
    the main thing i reckon you need to know is how to attack a panel, you need to get paint on in a way as to get enough on to cover the panel and not have dry edges where the paint is thin, and also not get any runs in it too.

    did i send you some pics of the K1 i painted?

    i would suggest you find a local painter and pay him to paint your 2 cars with you
    all painters have a differing approach, its also a changing time with the 2 pack paints being taken off the market (within europe at least so now we use waterbased paints for the colour coat and then shoot a 2 pack low emiision clearcoat to make it shine)

    at least with white it will hide a lot of sins!
    ill dig out some pictures, when i was younger i specialised in bikes, helmets and airbrush work now im nearly 40 the hands wont hold the little gun without getting cramp! but ive painted everything you can think of from plane interiors (from 6pm friday to 1 am sunday we used to paint all the plastic interior panels in 737's and we did a 747 once too), did a stint painting computer cabinets for the refurbing of petrol stations, right through to a 45 foot long sailing boat, and of course plenty of cars

    equipment will depend on budget and also your end goal
    do you want to be a painter and have a paintshop or is it just do these cars only?
    a spary booth will be the most important thing
    best cheap option make a wooden frame and clad it with 8 by 4 plasterboard add 2 fans one at head hieght blowing air into the booth and one at floor level in the opposit corner sucking it out, make a door out of a plastic tarpaulin so you can put a rope through the eylets to pull it tight, and add a small personel door for you to go in and out as your painting and topping up the pain gun etc so as not to disturb the main door.

    a normal air requirement for a spray gun is about 12 cfm so you will need as a min a 3hp 14.7 cfm compressor with a 150 litre reservior tank
    industry standard is a devilbliss gti gun, i have a set of 4 one for primer, one for waterbased colour coats, 1 for the older polyester colour coats, and finally one for the clearcoat. you should for white only need the 1 assuming you can buy 2 pack white where you are

    buy proper masking paper and also the maksing plastic film dont use newspaper false ecconomy
    buy the best masking tape you can preferably 3M, cheap tape generally peels, fails to stick, or allows the paint to seep underneath

    good luck

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    I'm as well painter by trade , if you want to look right,let a pro do it for you. you can always prep and tape in you place and let him come by and shoot.I do it all the time for some guys like you. this way you will not waste $$ on material.
    as for starter, since you can prep,I'm sure you can prime. so start with small panel like fender , or door etc. once you get hang of it ,the rest come with practice.

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    Hey thanks for the quick responses I guess I will let a buddy of mine who is a painter come and paint these two and hopefully I will gain some hands on exprience in that way. I didn't know there are going to be this many steps in painting lol.

    But one last questions, how much paint will I need to paint both entire cars, and where can I buy the paint?
    The cars are 1991 Miata and 2002 Lancer w/Evo body

    Thanks! ;D

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    Check out this link from duplicolor. Dont let others discourage you from doing this yourself. What one man can do, another can do! Duplicolor makes these easy DIY packages that dont require mixing. You just pour directly from the can to your paint gun and have at it. These products are even available at local auto parts stores.

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    I hear these guys are the best on the block ;D

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    A paintball gun will make quick work with those two cars lol, jk

    for the mazda your going to need 1 gallon of paint, or 3 quarts as its a pretty small car once reduced you'd have about a gallon to work with.

    if your just painting the hood of the evo than your just going to need a pint. same with clear, where ever you purchase your paint they would be able to tell you how much to mix and what other products you will need

    make sure you spray primer on it or any spots where you have body filler on it, if you dont the filler spot will bleed through your paint and you dont want that.

    make sure you wipe down the area your painting with a cleaning solvent, free of dust and wax or your going to get fish eye or oragne peel in the finish.

    Good luck, practice with primer laying down the paint before you spray your colour

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    ;D WOW Fillup have you opened up a HUGE CAN O WORMS ;D The responses you get will be plenty and different. I am just beginning like you and you might try TCPGlobal for guns and materials. I have had good luck with them. I have a 69 GTO that my wife and I are working on and going to paint Carousel Red (Orange), and have the car down to the frame. These are a great bunch of people on this site as you know, and they have been of great help to me as well. JB

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    Re: How do you paint a car?!

    for the mazda you are going to need at least 2 quarts of paint, 1 pint of reducer and pint of hardner, for the lancer you need 3 quarts of paint specially if you are doing the interiors, go an automotive paint store, they will tell you exactly what to get , but most likely they are going to try to sell you more than you need, be carefull good luck ooooh and make sure before you start painting you wipe clean the whole car or you will end up with lots of fish eye

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