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Thread: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

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    Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    Here is the deal. Don has a couple of good picts of an exhuast system on his thread that got me thinking.....

    I am trying to use powerpoint to design a exhaust system, as far as how the parts might fit together, how much tubing I need to order, trying ideas to see how they might look, etc. What is out there that I can download that would be better? It has to be a download! I cannot run down to Best Buy where I am located.

    Thanks for looking guys.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    Find a friend with an old copy of CorelDraw or Illustrator. Any version will do. You can twist and shape things any which way. I don't know of anything on the net that's free. Unless you find something on one of those sites that share's programs or trial software from Adobe or ? These suggestions are for 2D programs. Which are unlike complocated 3D Cad programs.
    Good Luck

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    When I was in college, we were given a trial offer of Auto cad 2009 online through the website. I didnt have to enter any special code I just told them I was a college student on the discount code area and they let me download it. Only lasts 16weeks or so. Of course Auto cad is a very difficult program to learn but once you do, an exhaust system is fairly easy.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    If you have a google account, log in and choose 'create new' in the 'documents' tab. Then choose 'drawing' from the 'create new'.
    It was just released. It's free and works great.

    If you don't have a google account......GET ONE.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    I use two CAD programs regualrly fo rmy design work.

    Alibra is the one I used when designing my folding convertible top. It has a trial software package you can download. It is fully functional but limits th enumber of items you can have in an assembly. I was able to do the rear B-Pillar section but I ran out of items when I wanted to do the front folding section. If you want to buy it, it is fairly cheap overall as well. I think around $100 for tehpersonal version?? Could be wrong on th eprice.

    It allowed me to put together the assembly from the parts I m,ade and then allowwed me to move it back and forth as if it were all connected properly. It was pretty darned cool. I was able to manipulate the mounts and pivot points to get the proper folding charachertistics I was looking for.

    It also sets up interference indicators as well which will be very beneficial to you when designing your headers.

    I can't remember how long the program lasted for but I went through most of the tutorials, built an engine which was cool and then did my design work before it ran out. Do a search on Alibra and you will get to the site. It is a download as well.

    The one I am currently using for work is called progeCAD. It is a replication of AutoCAD right down to the where the menus are and how they operate. It doesn't do a couple minor things that AutoCAD does but you won't need the LISP functions anyway for what you want to do.

    progeCAD is also pretty cheap at $495 for the Pro version. I need the pro version for work as it imports pdf files whereas the personal version does not. The personal version is $99. (Maybe that is where the $99 came from and not Alibra) Anyway, check both these out and they are both 3D capable. Alibra does the motion though whereas progeCAD does not.

    Good luck with the search and I attached a couple quick pics of what I did with Alibra on the B-Pillar fold down section.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a freeware program I need?

    Rhino is free as a download and the only function that is crippled is the number of saves. Model your part a few times till you get it right then save it.

    Then there is MOI which is a cousin of Rhino that is very inexpensive for a lot of goodies.....some that even Rhino can't do, at least easily.


    ps I too have heard good things about the free Alibre version.

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