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Thread: 3800SC - Fiero

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    3800SC - Fiero

    This seems to be a very old debate however maybe you guys can help me with a decison to put a Super Charged 3800 into my LP640 vs. holding out for a North Star or LS1.

    Most guys seem to agree that for the power to weight ratio vs. cost and ease of installation that the SC 3800 is a really good swap.

    A buddy offered me a really good running SC 3800 for $350 (complete with ECU and harness). From what I've read, the kit to drop this into a 86 Fiero is under $2K and it's pretty much a bolt up install that can be done by someone with average skills.

    I've seen several sites claim 300 HP with some simple pulley and chip mods however I've not seen a lot of detail on where to get these parts and how much they cost. I'd also like to get an exotic sound from the car and I'm in love with the sound from a set of 180 degree headers, but it doesn't look like something that anyone is offering from off the shelf.




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    Re: 3800SC - Fiero

    hi NoBull
    what kind of transmission do you use with sc3800 ?
    can i use stock fiero trans ?

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    Re: 3800SC - Fiero

    I'm needing to know the same.

    I get the transmission with the 3800 but I've heard that the stock Fiero automatic transmission is actually a very strong unit that will bolt up to the 3800 (???????)

    I'm planning on using one of the Shift Master paddle shifter kits later on down the road.



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    Re: 3800SC - Fiero

    The 3800s can make up to 700hp. 500 hp is easily made with a turbo kit.
    There are a ton of aftermarket parts for the 3800sc. Here are some links:
    Yellow Vetter Carrera Gt-boxter based
    White Vetter Murcielago-boxter based
    White Gagliardi Vendetta
    Gemballa avalanche 911

    Team Mad Mechanics 2016

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