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Thread: need some help and advice for new project!!!

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    need some help and advice for new project!!!

    ok, heres the thought process for my next project, break the world speed record set by the SSC (shelby supercar) Ultimate Aero TT. the car hit something like 257 mph, but using an average speed of two passes, the recorded speed is 256 mph. basically, i want to beat that. heres wear i need some help. the bugatti veryon, which held the record before the SSC, uses a 16 cylinder, quad turbo engine, and is mid-mounted. thats heavy, so the SSC used a twin turbo, 387 ci v8, aluminum block, mid-mounted. the biggest deal to me, they used 91 oct. pump. im juggling the ideas of, forced induction SBC, similar to the SSC setup, or forced induction BBC. the BBC will allow more ease of obtaining high HP levels, and they can actually serve over 1,000HP without using forced induction. the problem im running in to, is i also want to make my custom built car, mid-mounted. i have yet to find anything transaxle-wise made for a BBC. or even if i went rear-mounted, nothing for a BBC. now i can see you saying, 'so why not just use a SBC?' well, i dont want to slip into the mold. project-wise, this will involve a few years of build. i plan to do all the engineering and fabrication myself, and that takes time. money, no problem there. with that being said, anyone know where i can have something built for a BBC to run my app? transaxle? maybe even tranverse mount the engine and use a tranny similar to a FWD car. anything from ya'll is greatly appreciated, even your laughter. i'll use it as motivation thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    if you are looking at that kind of power you need to look at G50 as minimal for transaxel G64 or ZF would be preferable and custom adapter plate with clutch etc...

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    so far my research on a ZF ive learned that its only a 5 speed. some site someone was saying the final draive gear nets you roughly 200 mph at 7500 rpm,(variable being tire size.) that and they were refering to the ZF in their gt40s, and alot was being said about it being flipped, and replumbed and such. ah. this is my first mid or rear mount project, so much more research will be going on. im still in the daydream phase, but want to get my info together to start drawing up some blue prints...... the g64, i read was for an all wheel drive setup. not such a bad idea traction wise, but not weight wise. i read something about the tailshaft being swapped, making it only a rear wheel similar to the g50. im looking more into that now. i thank you for response chimaera.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    further research founded me that there is a 6 speed g64. i found this calculator thing by RBT i believe, that gives you gearing options and can show you top speeds at RPMs, changing tire sizes and such. it was nifty and gave me some much needed info. i also found a T44 transaxle, which was used in the gt40s when they threw in a 427 big block. its for a ford, so an adapter plate will be needed. not that i couldnt just use a BBF, but i grew up with chevys........... does anyone know much about the T44?

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    umm excuse me, hate to bud in but zf does have a six speed that the newer gt came with. i got one, has the micro polished grears and and all. also if you are going to try what you are talking about then you will need to get somthing better than the porshe. you need to go with a transaxle from quiafe, rbt, or a men if you have the cash. rbt is the cheapest route. american made. its geared for over 200mhp, and will handle extreme hp.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    This is probably the only transmission that can handle what you are dreaming.

    23K well spent on a supercar.
    Less the axles which should be around 2K for that HP.

    Just to put it into perspective, I spent 90K to complete a replica (leather and paint) that had a driveline that totaled 3K in the cost of the build.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    The Ricardo might be a good choice. I know that there have been Ford GTs go well over 200 mph with that gear box. I think it has a removable bellhousing so could be adapted to the BBC. If you have the bucks check with Wanni over on the GT40 forum and see what he has. He does gear boxes for some of the super cars. While you are there check with Delynn. He is doing a gear box with a lot of options.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    youre excuses cliffscustomfab, yea i did find the 6 speed ZF later on researching gt40s. and i agree with the rest of you, the porsche isnt gonna hold up for me, not for over 1000 ponies. (not for long anyway) and thank you all for your suggestions and advice, i will be looking into your recommendations and contacting your references. persepective taken jdinner. 90k must have netted you a beautiful car!!! sadly, 90k will quickly be surpassed for my project. haha, i'll have over 50k into it before i even have a real blue print drawn up! i figure i'll get the motor built, the t/a built, marry them, axles and such, make my tire selection, then set it all up on the floor and start taking measurements. i think the most time consuming part as of now, will be the body. carbonfiber..... i need to get my shop built asap it sounds like!!!
    thanks again.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    Time in most cases for all of us here is of no major problem. Cash on the other hand is bit different thing for each one of us. With 16 month old in daycare my personal budgeting for a "hobby" is very limited. Never the less I still like to build project safely and on reasonable time frame.

    I have Excel speadsheet on my site for anyone that like to play around with, it has all theoretical speed limits tire sizes/ rpms and what ever

    breakingrecords, I have collected some info on some inexpensive transmissions but would love to see what you have collected as well if you dont mind sharing it.

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    Re: need some help and advice for new project!!!

    First off, this sounds like a cool project. Now, the SBC anf the BBC share the same bolt patter, so no problem there. Kennedy Engineering will probably have or can build any adapter you want. And have you looked at Quaife racing transmissions?

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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