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Thread: Murci Roadster Engine Lid

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    Murci Roadster Engine Lid

    I'm currently working on my doors and engine lid on my G28L. From what I've read on this site, my car is a G28L from CarKit Inc. and this is the car I bought from RobsLP640.

    Does anyone have any tips to share on framing out the trunk lid for support and pulling it into the correct shape? The lid I have is way out of shape towards the front (headrest end). I plan on using 1/2 tubing and flat stock on the back side of the lid and framing it out. I figure that this will give the lid some strength while providing a shape for the fibeglass to hold onto. Is there a better way or doing this?

    Next challenge... I bought all new OEM trunk lid grilles and third brake light so now I need to create mounting points for everything in the lid. Anyone willing to share pictures on how they've done theirs? :

    Last one ... I'm guessing that the best way to cut out all of those decklid grille openings is to first transfer the shapes to posterboard or cardboard by traceing them and use these as templates for cutting on the lid (does this sound right?)

    Any help is greatly appreciated. ;D



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    Re: Murci Roadster Engine Lid

    I snapped this picture yesterday to show everyone what I'm talking about regarding the fit of the engine lid up front.

    I can do some shaving and trimming however I'm not really convinced that this is going to fit flush into the head rest sections behind the seats.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Murci Roadster Engine Lid

    you can fiberglass a perforated aluminum sheet on the under side then bend it to shape while wet before fiberglass cure then let it cure in the new shape
    it should stay that way

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    Re: Murci Roadster Engine Lid


    I have used a heat gun to warp things back in shape. I would also recommend clamping to some straight edges to keep the shape flat where needed.

    as far as your pic, your lid is too wide. I would section cut down the middle about half an inch then reglass it.
    Its too large for your opening.
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