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Thread: ideas 328 lights

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    ideas 328 lights

    anyone have any ideas or suggestions for the fog light and turn signal lights? Have a crack in both from a stone, and can't seem to find anything, was wondering if anyone out there used anything other then the Ferrari 328 light set up on their 328? Or where I could find a resonable price for a set.


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    Re: ideas 328 lights

    85 corvette lights for the white fog light (curved one side)
    88 crown victoria for the amber lights

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    Re: ideas 328 lights


    Not to be a pain, anyone have any pics of this set up? From what I looked up (Vet 85) and Crown Vic 88 - looks like a good set up for a very reasonable price compared to the chipped Ferrari light I currently have!

    Thanks again!!

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    Re: ideas 328 lights

    I found T.Rutlands have the amber turn signals for the bumpers but they are $100.00 each side. It is an option to start with. You might find the fog lights there as well but they are not cheap on T.Rutlands.

    I am also looking for rear turn signal lights for the 308/328. I have found some lenses on T.Rutlands for $289 each so was wondering if anyone knows where to get replica 308/328 amber turn lights as well. I have lots of red ones but now need amber replacements for cracked ones I have.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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