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Thread: Window options

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    Window options

    I'm finally going to get the chance to work on my own kit, which is going to be a lengthy and frustrating process, I'm sure. I've not built up a kit car before, just some tinkering on cars here and there. So, in anticipation of the project, I'm gathering some intel and putting ideas together for things i will need to do.

    I've hit a snag, on one part of the project, so I'm looking for some advice. I'm going to have to fabricate a lot of parts myself, but windows are going to be a different beast all together. I need to do some research on what could be legal on the car. We have some plexi windows made to fit the doors, but i want to emulate the "mail-slot" windows from the original design.

    As comparison, here's the original prototype design:

    I'm thinking i could maybe get Delorean glass, at least for the small slot window, and it's corresponding parts for the automatic window needs. Cut a section of the plexi to match the size and shape of the glass, trim it, and install the Delorean parts to make the window work.

    This is the only other window design that i can think of that would be even close. You don't really see that style a lot on other cars.

    Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Re: Window options

    subaru svx or something like that had a similar door window

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