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Thread: The best way to make a replica?

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    The best way to make a replica?


    I have a theory of the best way to complete a perfect kit car.
    Im not sure if its all possible but if it is then no replica will come close to it.

    Ok, cars vin number is based on the cars pan right? if this is true then the idea should pan out (no pun intended)

    ok why not buy a salvaged exotic, lets say a lambo. take out the lambos pan, drop in a fiero pan (modify to fit the lambo and its interior.),
    and fix whatevers damaged on the car.

    Then wouldnt it be insured and registered as a fiero but be as real as you can get?
    and there would be alot less exotics sitting in junk yards.

    just an idea, maybe im way off.

    anyone ever tried this?

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    Never tried but I've always considered a flood damaged car. pull the drivetrain and replace with my choice ls4, N*, etc. and sell the original drivetrain for whatever. For sure it would be the most exact. (interior and exterior)

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    I looked into doing something like this. Well, not the VIN switch, but the rebuilding a car. On the VIN switch, consult your own attorney, but IMO, it would insurance fraud as well as fraudulent vehicle registration, etc., with your state government.

    But on the salvage idea itself... Even a salvaged car can cost you top dollar--because lots of people are looking to do the same thing. They aren't giving exotics away, you know? And there's a huge scavenger's market for slightly used parts and those guys pay top dollar. Many salvage cars are parted out--as with most cars, the owners get more parting them out than for selling them outright.

    Finally, a real exotic has exotic issues. While you pick up a $200K car for "just" $70,000, you still have all the issues of fixing it and later maintenance/reliability issues. For example, you might be able to replace a blown or totalled Italian engine with a big ol' Chevy engine, but it's likely you still might need to remove the engine for basic service just like the Italian one, you know? And mating your replica/cloned parts with the exotic systems, isn't easy. You're going to be much better off building a custom one-off (or an existing kit) than in trying to retrofit something.

    All that said, if you want to buy an exotic and rebuild it with genuine parts. It might be the way to go--if you can do the work. All of it.

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    Thanks for all the info guys.

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    a good car insurer after accident would try to match up everything just my 2cents

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    thats will still $$$ i was on copart auto auction and salvaged lambo that are tore up from the floor up still went for 60k plus no including auto fees tow fees etc

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    Re: The best way to make a replica?

    The definition of a car varies from state to state - where I'm at, the firewall is the actual car. It would be perfectly legal to swap firewalls, including the VIN (for a fiero, this would probably be the front). Again, this is going to vary depending on local laws.
    The thing is, if you totalled the car, you'd be paid replacement value, which for a Fiero would be about $2K.

    If you're thinking of buying a wrecked exotic, I'd say your best bet is to fix it to OEM, and probably sell it. Salvaged title cars are typically valued at 3/4 their book value, or their trade in value.

    Flood cars can be good deals, but you do have to factor in extra costs. The flooded Mustang I bought got water up to the floorpan. I budgeted to fix the interior and be on the road. 5000 miles later, I wound up replacing the clutch and the complete brake system all the way up to the shifter. $1000 I hadn't planned on, even doing the work myself. I'd do it again, just would be prepared for some unforeseen expenses.

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