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Thread: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

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    2 part dodge viper replica questions

    so i recently came into a deal where i can buy some dodge viper molds for $1k for both exterior and interior molds, new to kit cars but have been reading nonstop for about a year on them, as well as going to meetings and car shows around here with the kit cars. My questions are, i have looked all over the net and cant find someone whos done the conversion (corvette to viper-vippette) that did a decent write up with pics...i see a ton of ferrari ones on here but havent seen any for the viper...also i have read over a bunch of the making molds how tos...but seems there isnt any thats complete...from prep to finish product. was hoping someone could provide me with some links for both the mold making, and the viper conversion if theres one out there...sooner i get prepped sooner i can start this project...planning on doing the first diary of a viper...unless i missed one already. thanks for reading

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    The Viper isnt really popular as a kit car due to the oem's low price but i wish you good luck on your hunt.

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    The Viper used to be a big hit back in the 1990's when they where still expensive but like 2005FordGTKit mentioned its actually cheaper and much easier to get a old of a used OEM car rather than replicating one yourself. They are still pretty popular out in the UK because buying a real car is difficult on that side of the world.

    If you look hard you can find guys selling off old body kits and moulds for dirt cheap through Ebay and you just need to be looking constantly.

    The Fierofactory and Carkitinc still do offer viper replicas based on Corvette chassis.

    Here's one completed

    Another one

    I must warn you that you can never get an oem finish with these cars regardless if its on a Corvette chassis or not.

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    thanks for the responses...
    im debating doin a ferrari replica or the viper..i think getting the molds for a grand for the complete exterior and interior is a legit deal...carkitinc does sell the kit...but as others has stated in threads bout this company...not an ideal place id wanna buy from...the guy was honest...but he didnt know hardly notin about the project...i even think he told me he didnt even mold the kit far as buying a real viper... no way lol im only 24 and im in grad school so im barely getting by as it is...i drive a pimped out 300 so im basically lookin to do this as a project and to get my feet wet wit kit cars as i want to do quite a few. i havent actually bought the kit yet..but ive worked out delivery for the molds for free...which is a huge help...if i can find a finished kit..or a ferrari kit local i might change my mind...any more input?

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    The only input I have is to make sure you have realistic expectations. Lots of kit cars go unfinished because of the misconception of what it takes to actually complete a kit. Keep in mind that any kit you choose to attempt to complete will come with a great deal of challenges. You have already experienced one challenge (The kit dealer has little knowledge of what it takes to complete the kit He is selling). There are very few bolt on kits in this market, so don't be fooled by fancy sell pitches. Also set a Realistic budget for your build. The only way to truly cut cost is to do the work yourself/ but remember you get what you pay for in most occasions( So cheap molds may causes more expense in the long run).The best advice I can give you is to pay for & collect all items in person when possible (lots of scammers in this business) If you are purchasing molds, collect all parts need to complete your kit at one time, or DON'T PAY for them. Very few items are sent/replaced after the fact. As quite a few of us can tell you these kit cars fight you until the end. But with realistic expectations and a sound plan all your goals can be achieved.Welcome to the kit car world

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    yeah ive read up on everything enuf to know i have a headache ahead of me... lol i already plan on it taking quite a bit of time...i intend on getting the mold and start making the pieces...starting with small interior molds to perfect my process...if i go with the viper i already have a shell lined up... so part of my garage will be the curing area for the molds...and the other will be the shell to start fitting/cutting ect ive been wanting to start restoring a car... but why do that when i can build a one of a kinda exotic?

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    If anything the viper kit would be worth more in the future but its harder to maintain and few are around so it can turn into a money pit fast but ferrari replicas are easier to find, build and recieve help on the simplest would be the DNA 4THIRYY and the DAVE JONES kit.

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    Re: 2 part dodge viper replica questions

    Just my 2 cents, but I'd suggest that the molds are worth only $1K for a reason. By the time you're finished, you're going to spend $2000 on fiberglass to make the panels, 4-5000 on a Corvette chassis, $1000 for viper wheels, $500 or more for lights, and more for odds and ends. I don't want to be a buzzkill, but I can see you having $10,000 wrapped into this car by the time you're finished. lists a 1992 Viper being worth $13K in my zipcode. I'd love to see you succeed in building the car, but I think you'd be better off choosing a different project.

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