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Thread: Customizing a 1992 GMC Jimmy

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    Customizing a 1992 GMC Jimmy

    I am wanting to customize my Jimmy cause I've had it for a while, and it's just sitting there. I am ready to get started, but I am not really sure where to begin as far as getting kits and stuff for it to start working on it. I'm new to the customizing thing, but I really enjoy it.

    Any body got any tips or any help? I am aiming for this look:

    Not the low rider style, but just the body kit and everything that is on it. Only thing is that one is a 1984, and mine is a 1992.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Customizing a 1992 GMC Jimmy

    Me and my buddy have been messing around with s10's since we've been little kids lol Here is a few pictures of our "work"

    This was our first one

    Then we cleaned up this one, until a lady smashed it in a parking lot

    And this was our last one

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    Re: Customizing a 1992 GMC Jimmy

    My other half has a 1992 S15. About the same thing as the S10. It has the Iron duke 4 banger with over 325k miles on the clock. It still runs well and is used about every day. I had an issue a couple of months ago changing a motor mount. I had to cut a hole in the frame with a torch in order to hold one end of the bolts. Must of been a design flaw.

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    Re: Customizing a 1992 GMC Jimmy

    Those trucks can have a lot of options.

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