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Thread: Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

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    Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

    Ok guys, I am new here, and hope I can find some helpful info because I seem to be hitting a brick wall everywhere else. I am a girl so be nice...I certainly don't know all the proper terminology yet!

    I need to find out how to obtain a VIN for a Factory 5 GTM kit car highly modified body, and turned into a supercar. We already have 2 of these cars complete, and will have the 3rd complete in a couple of weeks. Some simple specs: LS2 and LS7 motors, Porsche transaxles, one is twin turbo, both air suspensions, and custom exhaust systems. 2500lbs 650HP and 850HP (twin turbo)

    They are mainly built for racing, but they can also be used as street cars with the different presets for suspension.

    We already have a manufacture license and resale license, but now we need to figure out how to get a VIN assigned to these cars so we can begin to manufacture and sell them. We only want to manufacture like 4 per year.

    I began filing the paperwork but now this guy from NHTSA is telling me that I have to follow all safety specs as other vehicle would (e.g. airbags, exhaust, etc.) to be assigned a VIN number.

    I know this is not true and that there are special exceptions when it comes to custom autos and kit cars, but he is telling me that it is not true- that there are no exemptions.
    I need to find out from a manufacturing standpoint, not just a VIN for personal use, what the guidelines are for exemptions to manufacture specialty cars that do not have to adhere to regular federal safety guidelines. Does anyone have any idea where I can start or does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? The code section is sooooo long and full of stuff I don't understand, does anyone know what the actual exemptions are and for what?


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    Re: Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

    YOUR A GIRL????..... SEND PICS!!!!! (of the car of course) . BTW I don't think it makes any difference to anyone on this website whether your a girl, boy or chimpanzee.. Welcome to the site. Just send pics of vehicle and everyone will bust out their protractors/compasses and criticize.. again, we don't discriminate towards gender.. just the product..Factory5 huh? nice vehicle..And again, welcome to the site.

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    Re: Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

    First off, what state are you in? You can use websites like to find out all the law's and regulations on getting a vin number and registering cars.

    Here in Illinois if you have a custom built car you have to take your car down to the State Police and they have an officer fully inspect your car and if it meets standards for a "hot rod" or "custom car" then he signs some papers, attaches a vin, and 4 weeks later you have a title in hand.

    On another note, how much do you charge for a GTM? I always loved them

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    Re: Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

    Most states require that you have the car inspected by a "referee" usually the state patrol, you have to provide proof of purchase for the major components, ie engine and trans and if available the MSO (manufacturers Certificat of Origin). I am not sure if you would need to have passed the smog requirement or not at this point, but most will smog you bassed on the engine that you have installed.

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    Re: Obtaining a VIN to manufacture custom supercars

    Yep, try the State Police first.

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