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Thread: mercedes gull wing 2010 model

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    mercedes gull wing 2010 model

    would a 2010 mercedes gullwing be a good kit to make, over the mecedes slk?

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    Re: mercedes gull wing 2010 model

    I personally think the new gullwing looks terrible from just about every angle.

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    I just read that the new Mercedes SLS first started out as a new Dodge Viper. I actually like the original Viper design more, but to make money it might be worth for someone to make a kit I guess.

    Mercedes-Benz SLS Started Out as the Next-Generation Dodge Viper

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    Funny, I just bought one of those

    I wouldn't cut it up to make a kit though!

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    I would not use the SLK but the bigger one and a 95 Mustang for the doner car.


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    I say use a 1990-2002 sl500 as the donor
    They can be bought under $6000 and it's genuine flagship mb mechanical

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