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Thread: X frame or not ?

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    X frame or not ?

    I am at the point of the strech for my 355 to add the X frame but with what I have read in the other forums I wonder if I should just strengthen the rockers and run 2by2 to the rear frame rails as shown in other forums. what works best? I do not like the idea of the x frame because of the gas tank being where it is. your thoughts!

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    Re:X frame or not ?

    you do not need to add any stiffners to the car unless you are palnning on making a spyder. You can just run a 2 x 2 under the rockers and also across the front and rear section (creates a box). you can also make a removable center section or just use the x-frame and hope you never have to take the tank down. I have used the x-frame on my car and found that I still had to weld a plate from the top of the rockers to the 2 x 2 tubing to stiffnen the fiero enough.

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    Re:X frame or not ?

    Glenndgman is correct with assessment and recommendations for the reinforcement information. Only use a frame stiffener if you chop off the top to make a Spyder. Then you will need to run a 2" X 2" square tube under the Fiero rocker and install a dog leg to the rear frame. (the long tube sticking toward the rear wheel is to mount a rear mounted radiator and is not needed unless you are doing that modification) If doing a +3 stretch, do not cut the frame, make you engine cradle 3 inches longer and move the rear mount ahead 3 inches. There will be plenty of room to make everything work.

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