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Thread: Need Help: to tell quality of Ferrari 355 kit car?

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    Need Help: to tell quality of Ferrari 355 kit car?

    Hi everyone,

    I am recently in the market for a good pre-assembled Ferrari 355 kit car that's ready to drive. I know of one guy whose selling a 355 coupe constructed on a stretched 88 Feiro GT chassis with the original engine. I haven't seen the car yet, but I was wondering, when I do see it, how I can tell if they did a good job with the paint, installation, etc. In other words, I need to know the tell-tale signs of a good or bad kit car job. I'm not too kitcar savy (hence, I'm buying it already assembled and ready to go) so you may have to talk to me in layman's terms. Unfortunatley, the guy also bought it pre-assembled and does not know who the original manufacturer or assembler was. Also, does anyone know what a good price would be for it - I think he's asking around 21K? Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the car, but he claims it's in great condition (Of course, I'm going to have the engine checked out by a mechanic). I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give me regarding this matter...ASAP

    I'm soooo glad I came across this site, it's truly the best forum I've ever seen...ever! Great job Ari!! ;D


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    Re: Need Help: to tell quality of Ferrari 355 kit

    A few quickies:

    1) I'm not a body man, but I can tell when a car has had a crappy paint job done to it. Almost anyone can tell if the bodywork was not done well. Just look at the car. Does it look right in the sun, or is the paint different colors in different places? Run your hand across parts of the car... do you feel bumps? Stuff like that.

    2) 355 kits are worth more if they have seperate front bumper and rear bumpers (ussualy the back and front are just one big piece), and seperate rocker panels (There are two "side scoops" on the door, a big one and a small one under it. When you open the door, do they both swing out with the door, or does only the big one? If only the big one does then the rocker panels are seperate , which is a good thing.)

    3) Check how well the body panels line up. Get a pencil or something and slid it thorough the crack which spilts up the door and the front, the door and the bakc, etc.. to see if everything has been aligned straight.

    4) Check the hindges and the alignment of trunk and hood. Make sure that they close properly, and don't giggle around or anything.

    5) Because its not a convertable, you don't really have to worry about body re-enforcements unless the car has been streched. I'll let someone else try to deal with that and how to check if it has been streched properly/.

    Once I complete my car, drive it for a while, I plan on selling it, and was hoping to get around that much for it... its very hard to build a kit car for less then that, and thats assuming you do all the work yourself!

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    Re: Need Help: to tell quality of Ferrari 355 kit

    Thanks for the quick response Ari,

    I really appreciate the advise.

    One more question, is it possible to tell who the manufacturer was according to how the body looks? For instance, if the front and rear bumbers are seperate and the rockers are seperate, is it safe to assume that the kit is from Mirage or do a lot of other manufacturers design their kits like that too?

    I'll keep you guys updated.


    P.S. Anybody know how I'd go about insuring this type of car in California, U.S.A.

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