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Thread: Headers- 3800 Supercharged

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    Headers- 3800 Supercharged

    My WEST COAST FIERO headers (3800 super charged) look great in the box.
    The plan was: 1 install headers on 3800
    2 place cradle assy in truck
    3 have muffler shop add cat & muffler

    Go to the WEST COAST FIERO web site to see pic of headers installed on engine.
    The caption reads; "These Headers were developed to put the Exhaust outlet of
    the 'Y' pipe into the approximate position as the stock
    Fiero Exhaust System."
    "Approximate position!"
    They got that right!
    For $600 USD the best they can do is approximate? No gaskets! Missing 4 bolts!
    The collector dumps straight down almost on top of the cradle.
    The cross over Y pipe is too low & prevents the clutch arm from releasing the clutch.
    I called Loyde in Dallas. He installed a set last month for his customer. Same problems!
    I moved the collector inboard by cutting out a 2.5" section. Next move is reposition
    the cross over. The plus side here is I learned I can weld the pipes myself. AFTER
    turning the mig machine down to minimum. New plan. Buy the cat & muffler. Weld them in myself.
    If you want something done right……

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    Re:Headers- 3800 Supercharged

    I agree with you. The headers look great in the photos. Maybe Chris West will sell a set without the cross over pipe and we can make that part as well. It can’t be that hard to do. I wonder if he gets the headers from a manufacturer like Headman, then modifies them to fit the approximate Fiero design. He makes great engine mounts though. I used them while doing my 3800 conversion. Has anyone else seen a set of headers for a Pontiac 3800?
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    Re:Headers- 3800 Supercharged

    Thanks, It saves me the money and trouble of buying those!
    Too bad it was at your expense. I have an OEM 355 muffler, now I how can I hook that up to me 2001 3800 S/C ... decisions, decisions, decisions....

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    Re:Headers- 3800 Supercharged

    There are several header options out there for 3800's. All for the 3800 in it's original car, and not modified for the fiero, with the exception of chris west. For instance "The Other Guys Headers" is one example. These things turn up in the GTP performance stores, etc. I plan on using some performance headers with my OEM 355 muffler.

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    Re:Headers- 3800 Supercharged

    Do you have a list of companies that make headers for the 3800. I am having trouble locating some for my project.

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