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Thread: 355 side mirror lights

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    355 side mirror lights

    well guys the project it comeing along nice but i was wondering about the 355 side mirror turn sigal lights where would i aquire them and i really i mean really dont want oem im barely makeing it as it is any help would be great guys let a kitman know lata....
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    Re:355 side mirror lights

    Try Pepboys (U.S.A.)I saw those there a couple of months ago and I think they had the turn signals in them too,can't remember the price though.
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    Re:355 side mirror lights

    yeah i saw them at pep boys but you got to buy the entire assembly and i already got 355 side mirrors i just needed the lights to put in them thanx any way...
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    Re:355 side mirror lights

    man.. i need side mirrors. !!

    but i have a testarossa.. fiero based..

    maybe i'll get the pep boys one you guys are talking about..


    any advice..


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    Re:355 side mirror lights

    I don't know how much they cost. I think Spyder siad they are from a new C240 Mercedes.


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