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Thread: rear view mirror

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    rear view mirror

    i've taken off my rear view mirror on my fiero ,and now i'm left with a piece off metal which it screwed to on the do i get this off?? i live in the uk and fiero windscreens are rarer than a clean frenchmen!!

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    Re:rear view mirror

    SCREWED into the Windshield? That doesn't sound right.

    It should be held on there by Epoxy or some other adhesive.

    I'm not sure what can clean it off but I'd put the mirror back on and apply HEAT with a heat gun or hair dryer, directly to the glass around the mount and apply pressure to the Mirror and try to pop it off.

    I say this because sometimes a Hot Day will will drop those things

    Good Luck!

    DKOV -

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    Re:rear view mirror

    Hi,the screw can be remoived with a Torx Bit.Avalabe at most places that sell tools, just ask were the Torxs Bits are.
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