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Thread: Diablo Glass

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    Diablo Glass

    I had had some difficulty with the shipping company CF because they put a fork lift into my windshield. After some time I got my replacement today and it was perfect, well packaged and all along the way Ken at NAERC was fabulous to help out. CF does not cover windshields! So I was pretty luck to have NAERC sort this out.
    The Glass is 3/8 thick laminated and tinted with an additional sunshield at the top. Long before I had ever bought the kit my nightmare was that I would break the glass some how. Now I have it no one is even allowed to open the crate until the day it gets installed!

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    Well it looks much cool and good for me to have in. It benefits you a lot and give me the really nice deals. And I hope so that you may give it a perfect finishing in the end.

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