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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    I ended up buying this book at my local bookstore - it is a very good introduction into the world of fiberglass and similar composites, although it is more focused on technical information rather than true "do-it-yourself" application stuff. I would love a copy of an instructional video though! Private message if you can make me a copy.

    This thread has been edited at the request of some of the users. If your interested in learning bout fiberglass, there are many links below where you can purchase the proper materials.

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    Dont need the fiberglass book now but do you have a source on materials supplies? Gelcoat/release agents/foam etc...Catalog or book would be great. Looking to reproduce vents in ABS or similar type (flexible) plastic. *Thanks-

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    Visit My KitCarOnLine Blog<br /> and Links Site at

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    Performance Racing Products - Free catalog on composites, resins, tools and more.

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    Just visited the site again,
    They are having an October sale with the five video set for $99. Doesn't look like a bad deal to me! 8)

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    Copys of videos are not available from me. These videos were never for sale from me. As my post stated, I asked if anybody wanted to go in on some videos.This did not mean that I copied the videos and was going to sell them. The whole purpose was to share information with my fellow kit car owners. I have some rare kitcar videos that you can not buy anymore. Most of these videos are no longer made, with the companys going out of business or ceasing production. I have 12 kitcar videos going for sale on ebay next week if anybody is interested.

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    Re: Fiberglass videos

    ... I have 12 kitcar videos going for sale on ebay next week if anybody is interested.
    Please let us know when they are posted! Thanks.

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