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Thread: Shifter gate...

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    Shifter gate...

    kinda odd question but does anyone make or seen a Ferrari style shift gate for an automatic? to make it look as if its a manual? yeah I know what am I even doing with an auto but its what came with the car and included with my second engine (and im not about to go into changing it). I've heard autos are better suited for turbos anyway.. Oh the stick travel is about 4" would a manual plate work (dont think so but might as well check). Thanks
    PS. already have a knob that looks manual. just need this to finish off the touch.

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    Re:Shifter gate...

    I wanted to do the same thing but never found a machine shop to custom cut the plate for my automatic...
    in the interim i used the Rodney Dickman custom cut shift boot designed to go with his custom manual look shifter....i was so pleased with its quality...that i never finished finding the shop to do the metal shift gate plate...
    you may want to check out that option...

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    Re:Shifter gate...

    Does rodney have a website for his parts?do you know what
    it is?

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    Re:Shifter gate...

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    Re:Shifter gate...

    You guys say you have shifter knobs that look like manual shifters? I'm probably going to be doing the same thing.

    Pardon this from sounding a bit odd, but can you guys post pictures of your knobs? :O

    I'm just trying to decide on buying a automatic kit car that is a good deal or waiting for a manual.



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    Re:Shifter gate...

    I can't get pics right now but I have a auto shifter thats just a straight handle of alum with a button on the top its from APC you can see it here under shifters
    I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it look gated but for now I'm going to use a manual console with the boot to hide the shifter. It will be tricky to find gears but hey.. lets see someone try to steal the car.. LOL
    BTW the shifter is long and will need altering of the stock boot or new one made.

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