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Thread: hinged 512 decklid

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    hinged 512 decklid

    anybody have any tips about hinging a tr decklid i have an old heritage and my buildup manual says to bolt it to qtr panels i think heritage was the first with the tr kits im real happy with the quality of my kit but i dont like the bolt it to qtrs. concept ive seen many trs. lately with the hinged decklid i bought the molds from a man that got them from heritage and he says the molds were splashed off the first tr that came into theU.S i dont know for sure but i can tell by looking that it is the most accurate kit ive seen im pretty sure ck3 and some of the other big 512 players copied it but im not sure but my car looks like a ck3 but i know its not anyway how bout some decklid hinging tips does anybody need bodypanels? reasonablly priced

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    thanks Bond these pics are helpful but i want to hinge the decklid on a 512 coupe not a countach or 355 spyder theyre similar but different

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    MIKE, does your outer hatch panel have an inner frame with
    the hinge plates in the top near the upper roof,mine hinges
    at the point where the hatch panel meets the extended fiero roof panel,and the pivot point os actually up under the extended roof panel so the hatch rotates around it,i'll try to draw a picture tomorrow and scan it,then e-mail it to you.

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    no madmike mine doesnt have any inner framework . but i think what your saying is that yours hinges like a late model firebird at the roof not at the base of the decklid id really like to see how you did yours im pretty sure thats how i want to do mine

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    MIKE,Isplit my 512 hatch to open in 2 parts like a real 512 tr,
    but the hinges i made would be the same for a reg tr,i haven't pulled the molds from the hatch areas,and mr-2 rear window
    area yet,becouse i'm finishing the windshield area to get the parts ready for the guys on the forum.i'll e-mail you a pattern for the hinges when i pull the hatch off again in the next week or two.

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    thanks madmike i owe you buddy youve been a lot of help im going to go get me a camera today at walmart and try to get some pics on here . this computer stuff really is trying on my nerves .

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    Mike D.
    Are you talking about Heritage A & F Ltd. from Illinois? Do you have any photos of your car? I bought a car from the, a couple years ago. I'd like to see a shot of the manual if it's possible. Thanks!

    Tim P.

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    yes its from heritage a &f they used to be in illinois i didnt buy it from them i have a bunch of pictures of it theyre all 35mm i could mail you some if you want me to i bought a digital camera last night but im having trouble hooking it up to my pc apparently i dont have the right usb port so im gonna work on that problem this week and try to get some pics on the net but im not the most computer knowledgeable person around so it may take me another day or 2 i dont know what you mean by youd like to see a shot of the manual ill show you a picture of it if thats what you mean mike d.

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    Re:hinged 512 decklid

    I am VERY interested in seeing what they put out for a manual. If at all possible, I would really appreciate a copy. I'll be glad to pay you whatever costs you incur. Heritage is still in Illinois, about 45 minutes from me. Since buying my car in Dec 2000, I have become their friend & web designer. My hatch opens like the Fiero's, and I fabricated hinges to simutaneously lift and hinge.

    Have you used other usb devices on your computer? If not, it's possible that the drivers aren't loaded.

    Tim P.

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