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Thread: hood skin help

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    hood skin help

    My 308/meras hood skin is starting to come off in spots and due to the accident the spot where the hood mounts is all cracked. I wasn't the one to install the kit so I have no clue as to how it was bound to the stock fiero hood. lookin under one corner it looks like the whole hood is under there, is it? So do I attempt to pry it off gently, or go to town on the stock hood with a rotozip? also does anyone have any hood install directions they could scan and send me so I have an idea what I'm tearing into. So I know how to put it on a new fiero hood. Thanks..

    P.S. anyone know what happened to pat at fibersmith? numbers changed and hes not returning mails, I heard about his back, but this smells fishy. Anyone know anything?

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    Re:hood skin help

    well did somemore prying along the nose and discovered that the mera skin is two parts as one, bonded by some super green glue to the lower skin of the stock hood. guess I'll have to decide if I wanna fix this one or try to alter it and if I fail just buy a new one. It looks to be on there damn good, but the workmanship of the kit cam apart. Id like to be able to get to the inside of the mera hood cause theres a spot thats crackin and soft on one of the wheel humps, and I want to reinforce it with more glass. any imput is good imput you guys are my only help. Well untill I rejoin greater st louis kit club this thurs. Thanks
    PS I'm really wanting to change the headlight louvers and use the old fiero headlight covers to get rid of the big ol honkin black louver.

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    Re:hood skin help

    DJ,different subject,the mr-2 rear window is 44 1/4 inches at it's widest point,e-mail me an address,and i'll make a paper pattern of the glass and bottom curve and mail it to you.

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