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Thread: 25th Side panels

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    25th Side panels

    Hi guys,

    I want to see how difficult it is to add the 25th side panels to a Countach.. Has anyone fitted these, and if so what is involved?

    My replica is a 5000, but i like the look of the 25th's side panels and front spoiler (not too keen on the rear bumper and intake pods thought...)

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    Re:25th Side panels

    Email this company you can buy panels seperately if you want
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    Re:25th Side panels

    Here are a few photos from the Daytona 2003 show this past week end. (check out "So who is going to Daytona") Maybe this will help your question. Mike Vetter will be able to help you with your quest for parts.

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    Re:25th Side panels

    Nice shot of the 25th.....but I couldn't find ANY car's in the second pic!

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    Re:25th Side panels

    Really isn't that hard cut panels to fit and glass them in I am putting them on my countach, here is a picture.
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