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Thread: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

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    GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    Hello All,

    Happy New Year!

    Does any one know where can I get info on using any Fiero frame and installing GM3800 SCII + the suspension? I spoke with John Watson (F355 Kit, x-GM design engineer) up in GA. What a pleasant call. He advised to before building the F355 kit to do the following:

    - Buy a trashed Pontiac Grand Prix like a '98 (13k miles) for about $2800.

    - Buy a cheap Fiero like an '84 @ $100 to $300 @ the most.
    - Take everything off the Fiero (including trashing transmission) and just keep the frame.

    - Install Suspension, Engine, Transmission, Wiring, Computer, etc from GP to Fiero. (He actually knows some one who just completed this. Actual he said if I go to check out his shop & kits he will take me to that guys house to see the Fiero.

    - He mentioned this is the MOST economical & best way of improving the Fiero. According to him this is much cheaper then buying all these upgrade kits to adapt stuff to kit (breaks, engine conversion kits, springs upgrade, etc.).

    - He also talked about using a harness to be able to use the GP's transmission on the Fiero Frame. They guy who did this to his Fiero has the GP's ABS break system!

    1.- My question is has any one on this forum done this or is doing this?
    2.- What harness would I need for the GP's transmission?
    3.- Is it just unscrewing the GP's suspension & screwing on the Fiero frame?

    4.- Any good web sites w/ info or books?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I just like to DO MY HOMEWORK before getting what I need and known what has to be done and what to expect. My goal after this is to then get the F355 kit or better yet the Koenig F55 kit (If available later).

    T H A N K S !

    Koenig F55

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    I know of alot of people and companys who have installed 3800 SC's into fieros and there is everything from the wiring harness to the motor mounts available. The engine conversion is pretty straight forward and in fact thats the engine I am planning on using on my 355. I am intersted in the grand prix suspension, can you get more info from this guy? im sure there are alot of us who are intersted in this concept. keep us informed

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    His information & pictures of his kit is here in this forum. His F355 kit uses original F355 parts w/o modifications. He mention no need to buy 3rd party vendor parts. Just need a harness for the Grand Prix transmission. According to John Watson, this guy he knows also installed the dash board of the GP in the Fiero.

    Here is part of the post with his info:
    "As another supplier for a kit, try John Watson, Air Dynamics, Tennga, Georgia 706-971-4676.
    He was a design engineer for GM in the early days of the Corvette and has built many GM Concept cars for Detroit Auto Shows. His talent and skill show with the high quality of his products. He makes replacement parts for 355 Challenge Cars too. "

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    I'm more than interested in this post. I need it
    I was thinking on doing something on these lines, but in my travels (to Pennock's mostly), I've yet to see any info on this. Sounds a little more than bolting it in place, but I'm game. How about squeezing more info? As for the transmission harness, it should be included with the PCM harness. The PCM should monitor and control shifts. As long as one has the entire car to play with, it should be pretty easy to move to the Fiero. A few people have used the engine and trans in their conversions (again at Pennock's).
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.


    I think you misunderstood me when I mention his POST: "His information & pictures of his kit is here in this forum." ???.

    I meant contact information & pictures of the F355 kits he makes, which use several original Ferrari parts (Tail lights, side windows, etc). He has a customer that bought his kit & this customer has added all these parts from the '98 Grand Prix to the Fiero. You may want to give John Watson a call and ask him about it. Very friendly guy and great feedback with ideas.

    Regarding the PCM... It's actually the GP PCM and NOT the Fiero’s reprogrammed. The ONLY thing the guy kept was the Fiero's frame. What I under stood is that he just simply moved all electric wires & components, suspension, ABS breaks, pumps, motor, transmission, dash board, etc to the Fiero. By his conversation I got the impresion that you unscrew here (GP) and screw it on there (Fiero) for the suspension.

    According to John Watson, with the GP suspension you can mount the Ferrari OEM rims!

    Wild! Isn't it? ;D

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    Using the GP transmission, you'll end up with an automatic Ferrarri?

    Just thought I'd ask! Or make you think about it!! ;D


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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    I got the impresion that you unscrew here (GP) and screw it on there (Fiero) for the suspension.
    It's not that easy. You're looking at quite a bit of custom fabrication for a conversion like that.

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    Rockcrawl is correct. I've personally seen the car that John Watson is referring to and also know by talking to the owner who's building the car that he's put mucho dinero $$ and almost three years into building it and still has yet to put John's kit onto it. The owner is retired and has alot more $$ and time than most of us guys. In my view, it will be one of the best built 355's out there; however, it's all about what you want. You get what you pay for as we all know........quality counts; however $$ and time also have to factored into the equation. Good luck !

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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    No way automatic Ferrari . Doesn't GM3800 have a Standard Transmission? ???.

    Thanks for the feedback . I'll have to John Watson a call and chat with him again. I got today in the mail several pictures he sent to me of his yellow F355 & also of the kit. The quality looks very good. I think I will have to pay him a vist and see it for my self.

    Well back to the drawing board and figuring how much MULA $$$ & what I will need to do this conversion (Hardware modification).


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    Re: GM3800 SCII & Suspension.

    Just one little question,

    Howmuch in Canadian Funds would the Motor and the tranny be in a local GTA junkyard?

    Marcello Trubiani

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