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Thread: Kit Car Poll...

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    Kit Car Poll...

    Like to take a quick poll to see what people think on the following question. Remember, there is no wrong answer.

    1. Whats your favorite Fiero based Kit?

    2. Who is the best Kit Manufacturer for your Kit?

    3. Custom chassis or stretched Fiero?

    4. What is the best engine upgrade for the Fiero?

    5. What is the best Transmission for the Fiero? Standard and Auto.

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    Re:Kit Car Poll...

    1. hands down gotta be the 355 mirage

    2. no clue. anyone with experience

    3. custom chassis if you have the cash and the know how, but stretched will do

    4. a new engine

    5. standard by far

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    Re:Kit Car Poll...

    1. Diablo.

    2. Since I sell kits, I have to say myself. :

    3. What Poontang said.

    4. I would like a longitudinal LS1 or a Northstar.

    5. Standard of course.
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