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Thread: Lt1 to Audi transmission

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    Lt1 to Audi transmission


    I have a Lamborghini Diablo on a Feiro chassis. My question is: What type of Audi 5000 transmission can I use? Can I use a quarto or does it have to be a two-wheel drive transmission? What year Audi transmission and does it need to a turbo? What gear shifter can I use? I already have the information from Kennedy engineering for the adapter plate. If anyone can help with this much needed information I would be grateful. Thanks for your responses in advance.

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    Re: Lt1 to Audi transmission

    1984 to 1988 Audi 5000 Front Wheel Drive. Turbo, non-turbo, diesel, whatever. Some are a little stronger than others but get whatever you can.
    The quattro model will not work unless you do many modifications inside. You basically need to weld the output shaft to the pinion shaft inside. It will be a weak spot for sure.

    Make sure you strengthen the case with a plate. If you don't upgrade it then buy a few extra transmissions until you do.

    The shifter can be made for a few pennies.

    Or you can spend a few hundred dollars on a cable system that will most likely melt on you when you start driving it hard. (experience)

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    Re: Lt1 to Audi transmission

    Thanks now i just need to find a transmission.

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    Re: Lt1 to Audi transmission

    Back to the top with a couple more questions...( Im going tranny shopping tomorrow) anyways does kennedy make an adapter to bolt this tranny (1984 to 1988 Audi 5000 Front Wheel Drive. Turbo, non-turbo, diesel,) to an LS1? or is it the same bolt pattern? also...who makes the steel stiffener plate? could I buy it from someone or do I have to get it custom made? And does the ring gear have to be swapped and all that good stuff, or does it sit in the right oreination? and las but not least.......
    Is there an all out better transmission that I could use...say the porsche 915? thats maybe stronger and I wouldnt haev to worry about it breaking? what year adn model, car and tranny? thanks all in advance1!!!!! your help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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