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Thread: HELP!!! Need Info on 2 Conversions....

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    HELP!!! Need Info on 2 Conversions....

    My name is Jeff and I'm new to this site, I was referred to this site by a friend who said you could help me out.
    I saw a NSX with a headlight conversion and I was wondering if you know where I could get a kit like that. So I can custom fit them into my car.
    I have seen a black mustang with somthing called a Virtical Door Conversion, or might be called formulla 1 doors. They are like lambo doors.
    I would like to know where I can get these to things at and If you would know the prices on them. They are for my 1993 Ford Probe Gt Custom Show Car! Thank you for your Help!!!
    if you want to get ahold of me email me at:

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    Re: HELP!!! Need Info on 2 Conversions....

    Send me some pictures of both conversions. The hinges is the rage now in the import scene out there. Look at past postings
    we have on this site.

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