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Thread: Fiberglass to a Fiero body ?

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    Fiberglass to a Fiero body ?

    Simple question for those who have done it, how does fiberglass bond to the plastic Fiero body panels?

    I know that it does not stick very well to the urethane bumpers on modern cars. I don't know what kind of plastic was used to make the Fiero bodies. It seems that many people install scoops, vents, etc. so I assume there are no incapability issues.


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    Re: Fiberglass to a Fiero body ?

    Bruce, the panels on the Fiero were out of about 5 different materials depending on the panel.
    The most modifications done, are on the hood and rear deck both of which are SMC.
    There are special products for working with SMC.
    Just make sure the filler, etc you get says compatible with SMC on it.
    I have done work on both the front and rear lids with success using Evercoat products.


    Here you go, this will tell you all about the panels.

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