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Thread: Audi 016 modification question

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    Audi 016 modification question

    I have an Audi 016/220 gear set in my Diablo. I understand that it is not the best trans for any serious power. Is there another stronger Audi trans that will bolt in place without doing a lot of modifications? Thanks,

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    Re: Audi 016 modification question

    If you install a plate into the rear of transmission it will be stronger. That will prevent the cast iron case from breaking.
    The next weakest link is the spider gears inside the differential. Porsche 944 turbo doubles up the gears inside the diff. They will fit in the 016.

    I was going to weld the spider gears if they break on me.

    i do not know of any Audi that will bolt into the same spot.

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    Re: Audi 016 modification question

    I have read the 01e box is about the best audi box you can get although I dont know if its a direct swap for your application.

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    Re: Audi 016 modification question

    The 01E is definitely stronger and can be modified for some serious HP. Call Scott at Advanced Automotion for more information. The bellhousing bolt pattern is the same with the exception of where the aligning sleeves are but that can be fixed. The input shaft is different so you will need to change the pilot bearing and possibly the flywheel.

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