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Thread: engine starting problem

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    engine starting problem

    My 2.8 F40 will crank but not start. This progressed from a longer time to crank before starting. Haynes says this could be a fuel pump relay going out. The manual does not clarify where this relay is located. Anyone know? The manual also states that continued cranking bringing up the oil pressure to 4 psi should allow the fuel pump to start. Mine does not. Any way to check this pump out without removing the gas tank? I do not have the test thing where the cigarrette lighter used to be; custom console and interior. Thanks in advance. Steve

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    Re: engine starting problem

    I am going to assume that you have a 2.8l V6 Fiero here. Do you hear the fuel pump? All Fieros that I have been in, when you turn the key to ON, the fuel pump will start a whining noise. If not, check all of your fuses first. Make sure that you check the fuse with a meter and not just the eyeball test. I have seen way to many blown fuses that look good. Have you stated this car in the past? If so, my gut is on the fuel pump relay. They tend to go.

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    Re: engine starting problem

    Fuel pump relay is on the rear firewall, driver's side top.
    Listen for the 5 second whine upon key on. If it is not there go to the fuse, then the relay, then hot wire the pump, then replace the pump.
    If you can borrow a fuel pressure gauge attach it to the schrader valve. This will replace all the electrical tests.

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    Re: engine starting problem

    just a followup to this problem. On a suggestion, sprayed carb cleaner into the intake plenum, and it fired the car. The fuel pump was stuck after two weeks of sitting. I have added injector cleaner to the gas tank, which I hope will clean up any gum or varnish . Thanks for help all. Steve

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