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Thread: Countach fixed window ideas

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    Countach fixed window ideas

    It's getting hot here in Ohio and this is the first year I have owned my 25th anniversary car, my question is that it has no a/c and the door windows are fixed with 1 piece real glass sectioned off to look like the individual 2 piece door windows, what would be the easiest way to put in a 2 piece window with the bottom half to be removable like the authentic countach, or what's your suggestion about installing door windows???

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    Re: Countach fixed window ideas

    unless you want to redo all the door glass frame and get new glass I would just fit aircon myself

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    Re: Countach fixed window ideas

    I would ask Will (wbnemo1) here on the forum. He's the Countach guru and has done a fantastic job on his windows/frames.

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    Re: Countach fixed window ideas

    My windows are fixed. It kinda drives me a lil nuts as there is no way to get any airflow in the car. I am in the process of getting the air system functional as it looks like most of the parts are there, but it would be nice to have a removable window or something. My window frames also need some repairs. Any other ideas out there?

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    Re: Countach fixed window ideas

    Mine do not roll down, but they are removeable. Still not the same. At least removing them on a cool day allows lots of air flow.

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