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Thread: molding interior pieces

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    molding interior pieces

    since i have not found a sufficiently authentic looking 512 interior kit, i want to fabricate one, the dash is already done out of sheet metal, but i wish to fab the rear window surround, door panels and trim pieces, gauge hood and center console, since these parts need to be shaped irregularly, what is the best way to mold sturdy shaped pieces without going to the trouble of building plugs and molds?making them out of the dow blue foam and using glass matting to shape it seems the best idea so far

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    Re:molding interior pieces

    I agree. The DOW Blue foam board is easy to use and sand. I use 4 OZ matting material, round off the corners so the matt will follow the curve. It is imperative that you use epoxy resin to manufacture the parts, polyester resin will dissolve the foam. I attach the parts together at the corners with tooth picks punched into the joint. I just sand them and glass them into the part. Easy to use and inexpensive to purchase about $9 per 4 X 8 sheet here in Florida at Lowes. You can use the inch stuff to make great looking fender wells. Next step I guess.

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