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Thread: Murcielago headlight rings

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    Murcielago headlight rings

    I am making some headlight rings like carkitinc. sells, but out of aluminum instead of cheap plastic.
    Does anyone else make these?
    Is there anyone else that would be interested in a set?
    if I know now, I will make them all at once. Get a group buy together maybe.


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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    I have a resin set however if the price is right I wouldn't mind having a replacement set made of aluminum.

    Just let me know and if they seem reasonable, you can put me down for a set.



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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    I'd also be interested, it'd look better in the vendetta than, no trim.

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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    I'm drawing these up right now. I am getting material cost together and also figuring out the process and tooling. After sitting down with another very smart builder (No-Bull), he suggested I sell them in sets of 2, small and large separately. Makes sense, many other builders could take advantage of these on different cars that way. Even some taillight applications.
    I will have more info in a couple of days. Looks like so far I have about 5 people interested in full sets of 4 right now. I think this will be do-able


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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    id like to know the price, but im interested as well.

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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    I will take a set too.....

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    Re: Murcielago headlight rings

    I'm finding out why these aren't being done much in aluminum, expense.
    Because you have to start with 1" thick and 1.25" thick stock. Then cut away almost all of it to get the rings!
    I'm having some rough cut out with a waterjet from a company we use all the time in our shop.
    When I get those, I will then CNC mill them from there.
    I just have to see how many setups and time I'll have in these before I can narrow down a price.

    There's the update

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    Does anyone have the dimensions for the headlight rings? I have access to some cnc machines. I would love program something useful.

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