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Thread: Engine Donor Question

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    Engine Donor Question

    When sourcing an engine to use in your custom car, what must come with the engine for it to work?

    In addition to the engine, I would imagine that you would also have to get the ECM that goes with it. But what about other things? What else is required so that the engine will work as it should and what parts can be substituted with aftermarket components?

    For example, if I were to use the engine from my Taurus (3.0 V6), what else would have to also be used in the new vehicle in addition to the ECM? Things like the exhaust system, catalytic converters, instrument cluster, and cooling system - would they all have to be used as well?

    What would happen if I DIDN'T use the catalytic converters? Would the ECM and engine function normally or would some other modification be required?

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    Re: Engine Donor Question

    I would imagine that anything electrical would need to be kept to avoid complicated ECU issues. Things like the instrument cluster etc have been designed to interface with the engine sensors. As for everything else then ad long as it's the same spec or better you can customise exhaust and cooling systems.

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    Re: Engine Donor Question

    you have to flash any ECM on any engine to work outside the donor car. some stuff does not need it .

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