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Thread: 3800 SC Information Needed

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    3800 SC Information Needed

    What is the best series and year for performance and reliability (Series 1 - 2 or 3)?

    When buying an engine, what else is needed for a Fiero engine swap (ECU and wiring?)

    Any help is appreciated



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    Re: 3800 SC Information Needed

    series 2 to series 3 motors is what you want. series 1=not so much. Why? limited performance parts for them. they are also taller than the series 2 and 3 in terms of size.

    series 2 L67 motors are very popular for the swap. the preferable swap for any series 2 or 3 is the GTP engine. The Oil Filter is in the right spot for a swap into the Fiero.

    series 3 L32 motors have the drive by wire setup, but can be converted not to use drive by wire. series 3 has better rods, better supercharger, and little better heads.

    The PCM choice would be from 98-03... Some people on pennocks forum can build them for you. Same for engine mounts.
    Axles seem to come from a variety of vehicles, such as from the GTP grand prix, automatic Fiero, lumina, 6000, manual fiero. I believe it is where you position the motor.

    I will use the L32 series 3 3800, and just use the series 2 electronics.

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    Re: 3800 SC Information Needed

    I have the series 2 gtp supercharged engine, I think it is the better choice just because it has a higher availability of parts, and the series 2 is alot more common swap in the fiero so there is alot of info available on pennocks fiero forum.

    Off the top of my head you will need: engine, trans (unless your using a manual in that case you need the clutch etc.), wiring harness, pcm, custom axles (combo of fiero and gtp axles), better radiator (stock fiero wasnt designed for the gtp engine), custom motor mounts...

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    Re: 3800 SC Information Needed

    What's the most hp out of one of these set ups. Thanks Lukester

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