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Thread: Door lock mechanism replacements......

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    Door lock mechanism replacements......

    Hi all
    I am new to this but needing some help. I have just restored a Land Rover Defender and had new doors fitted. Now out of the factory they never fitted well- all vehicles are hand built. I am having trouble with the inside door release, push down buttons and outer push button handles. Only one of the 4 works as it should. I am often having to wind down the window to open the door or having to hold the button up when pulling the interior release handle. Part of this is down to the door cards poor fitting also.

    I plan to make new door cards but was wondering if it is possible to fit an after market mechanical door lock mechanism- buttons and interior release handle while retaining the original push button handle on the outside. The factory door mechanisms like everything else have barely been changed in the last 40yrs and surely a better almost universal mechanism is available. I do not wish to complicate stuff with a powered mechanism. I like 'simple'.

    This is what the current door cards look like:

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    Re: Door lock mechanism replacements......

    check with Land Rover forum, they'll have maybe answer for u.

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