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Thread: Fore/aft or transverse?

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    Fore/aft or transverse?

    This may be a stupid question but the real f355 engines look like they are mounted fore and aft. Why are all the replicas transverse? Are there any that try to copy this detail?

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    Re: Fore/aft or transverse?

    Quick answer is that most kits are based on a Fiero wich is a transversly mounted engine/trans. It requires minimum modification/expense to keep that layout.

    You can modify it to be longitudinal, but at a price.

    It's alot easier to do with a custom frame instead of using the Fiero for a base, but again, at a price.

    The more accurate you want to get, the more costly it will be.

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    Re: Fore/aft or transverse?

    A link to a cool setup for a Lambo

    Another link

    And where to get an adapter

    I have an F-40 kit I would love to stretch, remove the trunk, an then do an LS1/LS6 with a transaxle in longitudinal form (front and aft).

    I ran across a picture the other night of a GT Firo with a longitudinal V8 and aToronado transaxle... if you want I'll try and post the link. The picture shows what a tight squeeze it was... not impossible, hey it's only money.

    The preious post is correct, costs more money to go tat way, even for Zora when he was working on the mid engine vette prototypes, only his problem was convincing Chevy upper management to budget for the new Transaxle they would need to do a V-8, and of course Magement said Hell No! So he experimented with a V-6 Citation setup with more power, made two prototypes, and then dropped it and stuck to rear wheel drive. And thus the fiero began. Pontaic picked up the idea. Fortunately theses days enough people do it to where it is posible and not too expensive. And porsche has a new Transaxel that is a 6 speed too. If you compare it to the real thing, it is realtivly cheap to do. But it costs more than what a typical engine swap runs in a Fiero.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Fore/aft or transverse?

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