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Thread: S10 hub for Fiero

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    S10 hub for Fiero

    I heard you can use an S10 hub for Fieros. How does that work? Any comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: S10 hub for Fiero

    your suppose to use it in a different knuckle. It didnt work for me. I dont know why but it was a 1/16th from fitting

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    Re: S10 hub for Fiero

    look up the link Dave posted about Funnywheels suspension.
    The info you want is detailed there in a post dedicated exclusively to that project.

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    Re: S10 hub for Fiero

    The key to Funnywheels build is: Ciera Upright Assembly machined to fit S-10 Parts into Casting.

    I'm using the HD A-body (?) uprights (mine are from an 88 Celebrity wagon) with the Celebrity hubs (5x115") and outter axle ends. Pontiac 6000 is commonly called out. The Pontiac Transports also use a similarly large upright with massive brakes. The rest of the axles are a mish-mash of GM parts to fit the 4L80E and Aurora 4.0.


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