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Thread: projector headlights comparison

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    projector headlights comparison

    Has anyone found the Yamaha R1 09-10 projector lights to work well
    compared to the P6 projector bulb? I am considering the yamaha projector
    headlights because the High and low beam also there is a Hid conversion kit with a
    small ballast for the Yamaha headlights which I would like to learn more about.

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    Re: projector headlights comparison

    I bought a set of hi/lo (main/dipped) projectors off of ebay from a guy called furorecars, (, Mobile : 07905 879407) they are excellent. The only downside is for the inner hi beam only you have to remove the shutter, so the outside ones dim and main and the inner are just main.
    The guy sold many different types and they were not that dear. He also sells an MR2 based street legal F1 car replica!

    here they are


    Twin turbo V8 Zonda inspired thingy

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