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Thread: Making narrow parts in 2 part mold

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    Making narrow parts in 2 part mold

    Dear Experts!!
    I want to extend the rear wing n my car, the car is 2 metres wide and the wing only 1.4m.
    The wing is made of carbon fibre and has 2 endplates which I will use to attach the extensions with studs that run through the new parts. This I am OK with.

    It is realtively straight forward making the 2 piece mold, but how do I make the final piece?
    The mold of the wing will at best be 1" thick!

    Do I lay fibreglass in one half and then the other and push the 2 halves together before the resin sets? I hav been pondering this a while!

    Please has anyone done this?

    This is a very old picture, but it does show the wing nicely. The sections by the end plate are uniform and flat so I just need to make one mold and 2 parts, how difficult can that be

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    Re: Making narrow parts in 2 part mold

    Hey Nick, I ran across this video last year and I think it would be suitable for what you are trying to do.

    It's a two part video.

    PART 1

    PART 2

    See if that helps!

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