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Thread: help needed making solid pieces

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    help needed making solid pieces


    How does one make solid fiberglass pieces like the Murcielago spoiler?

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    Two half molds with matching flanges. Layup and trim each half, then put back in mold and bond together using the matching flanges of the half molds to align everything properly. If you have enough space you can also add a core.

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    the spoiler i got from extreme feels solid to me!

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    You can shape the spoiler in foam and then layup the 'glass on the outside and then sand it smooth. That is the easiest way if you don't have the molds.

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    Hello, be sure that if you make a sealed "two part" fiberglass spoiler that you also drill a few quarter inch holes on the underside between the pillars or somewhere not seen as well.

    reason being, if it is sitting in the sun, an interesting display of expansion will take place and if it doesn't just balloon the part it will eventually rupture it in a less interesting display of two parts...

    have fun with your project !!

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    Thanks for the tip Digibeam , I was wondering why my wing kept getting cracks at the seam bond , I'll try the holes never thought about the heat expansion..

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    Re: help needed making solid pieces

    dhart99- i am happy to offer something useful from my experience if it helps even one person with their build.

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