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Thread: Rear Suspension

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    Rear Suspension

    I am building a D&R diablo roadster kit on a Fiero chassis. The suspension measurement I am looking for is the distance between the rear fender and the tire. I thought i would line up the wheels using the top of the outside of the rear fender and the outside edge of the tire to calculate the distance for the length of the control arms, that way if the body is not symmetrical at least the tires will appear to be the same distance from the fender on each side.

    Thanks Mike

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    Re: Rear Suspension

    Mike, I just posted at kitcentral also:

    My rear tire sidewall is 1" in from the maximum width of the body's rear wheel well.

    Check the body width to the chassis and make sure that is equal distance from the chassis centerline. If you rely on just the body and that isn't even, your "A" arms could be different. I would make the "A" arms the same length so your suspension matches. If the distance to the fender is within reason, say plus or minus 1/4", it would look OK.


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