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Thread: Crack Windshield repair

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    Crack Windshield repair

    Ok here is the story. My kit has been under a car cover for a few weeks. well when i took the cover of i noticed that i had a 5 inch by 3 inch crack on the lower half of my windshield. now that really runied my day.LOL. is there anyway i could fix this crack, if so could someone please inform me on how i would go bout fixing this mess up, without replaceing the windshield. thanks Guys.

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    Re:Crack Windshield repair

    You can fix chips, but not cracks. Very sorry to hear the sickening news.

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    Re:Crack Windshield repair

    Sorry to hear that.New glass can cost about $85,more or less.Any shop that does Glass installation may charge $295 (more or less depending on the year of the vehicle) The mark up on glass is over 200 percent.So if you want to save some big bucks install it your self, it's not that hard.
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