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Thread: 300zx lights on f355 (pics)

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    300zx lights on f355 (pics)

    I finnaly did it tell me what you think.

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    Re:300zx lights on f355 (pics)

    Looks good!
    I Was wondering if you could post pics of some of the framework you've fabricated to mount the body... I.e. the metalwork in the front that the driving lights and turn singles are mouned to, how the headlights are mounted, the bracket you used for the fenders...

    I'm paying someone to do the welding for me and need to provide them with pictures of exactly what I need

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    Re:300zx lights on f355 (pics)

    Looks Great!!!!!

    I like the grill too!
    Got an extra grill you would trade for cash?

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    Re:300zx lights on f355 (pics)

    I like that grill too. It looks like the real deal. Glenndgman needs one for his car. Nice job on the lights too.
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