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Thread: Oem hinges?

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    Oem hinges?

    I was wondering if oem murcie/diablo hinges will work with a g28? I think this question was asked/answered before but can't seem to find the thread... Anyone ever try?

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    A OEM hinge shared by the Diablo and Murci is much widered than what you can use on a G28 body. The door sills on a G28 is much narrower than the real Murci because it's build to accept the Fiero frame. Jimbo 6.0 custom made some OEM style hinges for the G28 that reduces the offset of the hinge enough that it fits nicely into the door sill channel. I was finishing mine up before my wife handed me a 10 page "Honey do" list of all the things that needed done around the house before the holidays.

    Once I'm finished with my doors, I plan to post a full write up of exactly how I did them and all the measurements that many builders seem to be looking for. I've uploaded some pictures that show the difference of an OEM sized hinge compared to the more narrow hinge that Jimbo 6.0 makes.

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