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Thread: Interior switches lettering

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    Interior switches lettering

    I was going to paint the door switches and center console of my mr2 but my problem is I'll lose the lettering for the switches. Any suggestions on how to do new lettering?

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    Two choices that I can think of Vinyl from a sign shop or screen print it on.

    Originally it was probably screen printed.

    I can walk you through both methods if you like.

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    Radio shack used to sell dry transfer lettering in white or black (rub on with a blunt pencil),you can probubley find it on line.Problem is your going to have to seal or clear coat it and I have no idea if its going to wrinkle (might try a test,on a junk piece of plastic)
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    Couldn't you take the designs to a sign shop and get them to make you stickers, then cut them to size stickem on. When they wear just get some more made. Just an idea

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