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Thread: Building Murcielago style muffler box

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    Building Murcielago style muffler box

    Has anyone ever tried to build a muffler? Flowmaster makes mufflers that just use baffles inside without any kind of packing or anything. What are other people using when they put a 3800SC motor in their fiero? It doesnt look like I have room to put 90's and a muffler mounted sideways, so I thought it would be cool to build one that has a center inlet and outlet. Here's a screenshot of what I drew up as a preliminary idea. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    I'm building a 430, my exhaust supplier built a box for me specific to the car, sound and performance in mind. This wasn't expensive, it's also the v8's tune pipe. They're an offshoot from a specialist high performance exhaust company for AM,Ferrari etc.... Osprey exhaust systems, uk based.

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    What you are suggesting requires quite a bit of math, what you are building is essentially a transmission line enclosure. If you get the math wrong you can have reversion issues. I would look to the speaker enclosure forums, they may be able to help

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