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Thread: cad. 4.9 cradle ?

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    cad. 4.9 cradle ?

    i traded a cavilier for a 1991 sedan de ville today, madmike said you could put the put the cradle in the fiero i really want to do this and i think i can but overconfidence has always been my biggest problem, i like the idea of having the 4.9 and widening the rear track at the same time with a bigger bolt pattern also. do you just leave the fiero cradle stubs and graft the caddy cradle to the existing fiero stubs. madmike hasnt been on here in a day or 2 hes probably doing something more productive than punching buttons on a computer. if anybodys done it or knows anyone that has id appreciate any tips.

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    Re:cad. 4.9 cradle ?

    Here's one I did a few years ago. It's been srapped now, I decided to go with something more conventional. It's a good idea, but with so many parts available to upgrade the Fiero brakes and suspension, I don't see the need to do something like this. It's easier to just mount the V8 on a Fiero cradle and then do the brake and suspension upgrades to that.

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    Re:cad. 4.9 cradle ?

    it does look pretty neat, it does really look time consuming, thank you buddy

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